Member of the Board of Directors - Peters Valley School of Craft

Layton 07851, New Jersey

JoB Description

Peters Valley is a leader in the field of fine American Craft, with programming that includes immersive learning workshops, programs for artists, fine craft retail & exhibition galleries, & outreach programs. It is one of the top 5 institutions of its kind in the US.

Peters Valley is located in northwest NJ and operates in partnership with the National Park Service.

The Board is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the organization and ensuring that it has sufficient resources to meet its mission-based goals.

The Board meets 4 x a year as a group but conducts the majority of its business through Committees, inc. Development, Finance, & Facilities. Board members are expected to attend all meetings and to participate actively in at least one Committee.

Contact: Board President Maleyne Syracuse



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Leading with Purpose

Posted by Laura Otten, Ph.D., Director on 10 January 2019, 8:40 am

Are all nonprofits, by definition, social justice organizations?  This is a question that I pose to students in the Masters in Nonprofit Leadership program.  It is followed by questions like:  given that our purpose is to work on behalf [of some portion] of the public good, does that mean we should all also be working for social, environmental, civil, etc., justice?  Or, is the job of working for justice in whatever area fall only to those organizations with that explicitly in their missions? Now, think about these phrases:  “people expect more responsibility, action, and accountability;” “the beliefs and values that.

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