Family Literacy Project Leader, GrandFamily Literacy Program

Philadelphia 19127, Pennsylvania

JoB Description

The Family Literacy Project Leader (“Project Leader”) will have in-depth experience and understanding of early childhood literacy and experience in the development, implementation and evaluation of literacy programs for young children ages 3 to 8 years.  The Project Leader should have direct experience working with both preschool and young learners, and be familiar with teaching in a culturally and linguistically sensitive manner in an urban environment.  S/he will have a minimum 5 years of experience as an educator, administrator and/or consultant in early education and will, preferably, hold a master’s degree in early childhood education or education with a special education focus. The Project Leader will work as a member of a team and have primary responsibility for developing and launching the innovative GrandFamily Literacy Program. 


These responsibilities include:

  • Outreach to community organizations, schools, aging service programs and other educational/human service programs regarding the GrandFamily Literacy Program
  • Develop partnerships and collaborate with partner organizations/pre-schools/schools
  • Develop project implementation plan with action steps, timeline, and key responsibilities identified
  • Develop the programmatic structure for the following components of the GrandFamily Literacy Program
    • a 25-session workshop series for grandparents to teach literacy skills to build the literacy/language skills of their grandchildren
    • interactive, special events for grandparents and grandchildren to increase and expand children’s language, vocabulary, reading, and use of words/language (10 events/year)
    • individual assessment and home-based literacy-building activities one-on-one with child monthly;
    • individualized Family Support Plans  to set goals, identify learning/literacy activities, and track progress
    • a peer support network for grandparents to sustain and support adult and child literacy/learning
  • Coordinate with the team to develop program evaluation and data collection mechanisms
  • Provide consultation regarding best practices in collaboration with teachers/learning specialists, partner organizations and consultants to improve child’s learning and assess program’s impact on child’s literacy
  • Work as a member of a team to ensure high quality program development, implementation, and coordination
  • Participate in program reviews, reports, and meetings
  • Advocate for the needs of grandfamilies with other formal resource systems
  • Other responsibilities as needed

This is a Part time position (15-20 hours) per week, or full time if interested in handling the ongoing implementation (refer to SOWN’s Early Childhood Educator position).  Monday through Friday employment.   

The Family Literacy Project Leader will report to the Director of Programs.


To Apply:  Please email with a resume and letter of interest  by January 11, 2019.

Contact: Marypat Tracy


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