Executive Director, Mt. Airy Learning Tree

Philadelphia 19119, Pennsylvania

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Mt. Airy Learning Tree is seeking a new Executive Director. After 10 successful years with MALT, our current Executive Director is moving on to other opportunities, leaving behind a thriving organization that just celebrated its 36th year and the unveiling of a new strategic plan to guide us through the next steps on our journey.

Mt. Airy Learning Tree is a mission-driven 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to building community by providing shared learning opportunities throughout Mt. Airy and the surrounding area. Founded in 1981, MALT offers over 700 affordable community-based courses, enrichment programs, and special events each year that bring together people from diverse backgrounds to learn, share, have fun, and connect. Over 90% of MALT’s operating budget is derived from student registration fees, with the remainder coming from fundraising activities, sponsorships, and occasional small grants.


The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing the administration, programming, and operations of the organization and implementing the strategic plan. Other key duties include public relations, development, marketing, fundraising, and community outreach. The position reports directly to the Board of Governors who, in collaboration with the Executive Director, guide the organization, develop vision and goals, and ensure MALT remains viable while fulfilling its mission.

This is a part-time, 30 hr/week position, and the Executive Director manages two additional 30 hr/week office staff. Our ideal candidate is someone with non-profit executive leadership experience who is creative and passionate about community, lifelong learning, and building relationships. MALT values diversity, sustainability, accountability, and collaboration, and we are seeking someone who shares these core values and wishes to bring vision and energy to this mission-driven organization.


  • Works with the MALT Board to:
    • Develop vision and identify goals for the organization
    • Create an annual budget and monitor fiscal health
    • Report on MALT activities and provide progress reports on identified goals
    • Ensure MALT meets all legal and fiduciary responsibilities
    • Ensure MALT is fulfilling its mission and meeting its goals of inclusion, diversity, and accessibility
    • Plan for MALT’s long term sustainability
  • Responsible for all facets of MALT operations
    • Implements vision and goals developed in partnership with the Board
    • Manages day-to-day operations of the organization
      • oversees catalogue preparation
      • develops and promotes new course offerings
      • manages location relationships
      • cultivates community partnerships/collaborations
      • oversees course-related activities including: registrations, cancellations, faculty issues, public relations, customer service, location logistics
      • works with Board and Events Committee to produce annual events
      • develops special projects and initiatives to foster a sense of community within MALT and between MALT and the larger community
      • cultivates sponsorships/donor relationships
    • Manages growth and sustainability
      • develops new community partnerships, collaborations, and locations
      • oversees all marketing and publicity efforts, press releases, presence at local events
      • analyzes data at regular intervals to track enrollment trends
      • collaborates with Board on fundraising initiatives
      • researches and pursues grant opportunities
    • Oversees quality control and improvement processes
      • reviews/adjusts catalogue distribution as needed
      • tracks success and identifies problem areas
      • addresses teacher and/or student complaints and problems
    • Provides fiscal oversight and management
      • approves all contracts and agreements with outside vendors, identifying any potential conflicts of interest
      • tracks budget on a regular basis
      • reviews financial reports and trends to monitor long term sustainability
      • reports payroll monthly to MACSC, our fiscal umbrella organization
      • does banking and maintains appropriate records
    • Develops policies and procedures for refunds, course changes, cancellations, etc
  • Manages staff
    • Hires, trains and supervises all staff
    • Assists staff in recruitment, management, and support of MALT course instructors, including any needed background checks/reporting requirements
    • Creates and approves all job descriptions and task assignments
    • Approves work and vacation schedules
    • Responsible for performance management
      • provides support, direction, and guidance
      • completes staff evaluations and annual reviews, identifying goals for upcoming year
      • develops salary ranges and other incentives
      • implements progressive discipline as needed
    • Additional tasks as needed

To Apply: Interested Candidates may forward resumes and cover letter to: [email protected]


Contact: Board President Mary Harris

Salary: 40,000

Phone: 2153569321

Fax: 215-843-6333

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: www.mtairylearningtree.org

Mailing Address: 6601 Greene Street, Phila., PA 19119

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