Director of Operations & Development

Philadelphia 19103, Pennsylvania

JoB Description

The UESF Director of Operations and Development manages the day-to-day activities of the organization, with a focus on the systems and procedures required to accomplish UESF's mission. and goals. In addition, the Director of Operations & Development conducts activities to increase public and private resources to both maintain and improve UESF's financial capacity and ability to sustain itself in the future.

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  • Work in partnership with the Executive Director to create an overall organizational strategy and maintain/create the processes and approaches to achieve it.
  • Assist Executive Director and fiscal department with annual budget development and regular review of finances for all program areas.
  • Monitor weekly, monthly and annual goals and outcomes across all program areas; work with Executive Director to adjust program activities to reach desired outcomes on a regular basis.
  • Provide quarterly program production reports to the Board of Directors
  • Provide leadership for all staff on a daily basis, and support an open-door policy among all staff.
  • Supervise all program directors, and as needed, individual program staff during times of transition in director/manager positions.
  • Conduct performance management for all direct reports, including weekly meetings, annual evaluations, semi annual goal-setting, and progressive discipline as needed, in consultation with the Executive Director.
  • Oversee development and communications function through supervision of and delegation to UESF's Fundraising/Communications Assistant:
  • Monitor and direct UESF's response to all appropriate funding opportunities throughout the year including private and corporate donations, individual donor solicitation, as well as all government RFP's and contracts. Cultivate current and prospective funder relationships on an ongoing basis.
  • Supervise all UESF communication and branding efforts including social and mainstream media placements, website maintenance, production of collateral materials, and external outreach/advertising opportunities.
  • Oversee individual donor identification and solicitation for UESF's holiday campaign, and other direct mail efforts as needed.
  • Provide quarterly marketing & development reports to UESF Board of Directors


To Apply: Please submit cover letter and resume to - [email protected]


Contact: John Rowe

E-Mail: [email protected]


Mailing Address: 1608 Walnut Street, Suite 600

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