Director of Development, Strategic Partnerships and Hellenic Initiatives

Wilmington 19707, Delaware

JoB Description

The Director of Development, Strategic Partnerships and Hellenic Initiatives works closely with the OCS Board, the Head of School, the Campus Operations Officer and the Dean of Greek Programs, and is directly responsible for all development initiatives supporting Odyssey Charter School and its Global Education Campus, building strategic partnerships at the local, national and global levels in support of Odyssey’s mission and in the creation of a world-class dual language English – Greek K-12 educational program.

This position reports to the OCS Board.

Key Position Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrate and promote key organizational values.
  • With the Head of School and the Campus Operations Officer, and under the guidance of the Board of Directors, execute and advance the OCS strategic plan and promote the creation of a global education campus.
  • Lead all development initiatives, including fundraising, at local, national and international levels to ensure that the campus obtains the financial resources to complete its capital campaign and its multiyear facility expansion initiatives to serve Odyssey and campus students.
  • Collaborate with the Head of School and the Campus Operations Officer, as needed or appropriate, or, at the request of the OCS Board, to lead efforts to:
    • advance the strategic plan and all Greek-based school educational and cultural school initiatives;
    • explore and implement earned income opportunities based on Greek educational initiatives (e.g. professional development for teaching foreign languages as second languages);
    • plan and deliver the facility expansion needs for the campus;
    • build strong relationships with current and prospective tenants on the campus.
  • Establish, implement and maintain a budget to support all development and fundraising initiatives.
  • Work and collaborate, as needed or appropriate, with the Head of School to develop and manage a budget that will build a world-class Greek educational program.
  • Jointly with the Head of School, as needed or where appropriate, represent OCS at the Department of Education in Greek programming matters, and associations, public functions and community outreach, focusing on the Greek and AHEPA communities, as well as the education community in Delaware, nationally, and internationally,
  • Other specific objectives to be developed on an annual basis.


Position Core Competencies:
The 9 top core competencies for this position are:

  • Adaptability/Flexibility - Adapts to change, is open to new ideas, takes on new responsibilities, handles pressure, adjusts plans to meet changing needs.
  • Decision Making/Judgment - Recognizes problems and responds, systematically gathers information, sorts through complex issues, seeks input from others, addresses root cause of issues, makes timely decisions, can make difficult decisions, uses consensus when possible, communicates decisions to others.
  • Development – Possesses the network to successfully create, launch and manage fundraising initiatives. Can articulate vision, mission and the financial needs of an organization, presenting a compelling narrative to funders and donors.
  • Global Perspective - Has a global view and is comfortable and effective working with global partners, understands global markets and international considerations.
  • Negotiation Skills - Conducts positive negotiations, ability to compromise, handles conflict, seeks common ground, articulates own and others goals, stays focused on positive outcome.
  • Organizational Savvy – Operates within the organization’s formal and informal structures, builds allies and relationships across departments, uses allies to build consensus and create results, is appropriately diplomatic, understands others’ roles and perspectives, can sell projects and ideas across the organization.
  • Project Management – Establishes project goals, milestones, and procedures, defines roles and responsibilities, acquires project resources, coordinates projects throughout the company, monitors project progress, manages multiple projects.
  • Results Focused - Targets and achieves results, sets challenging goals, prioritizes tasks, overcomes obstacles, accepts accountability, sets team standards and responsibilities, provides leadership/motivation.
  • Strategic Thinking - Creates and communicates a long-term vision, balances short- and long-term goals, keeps own and team's work aligned with overall goals, understands the market and can predict change, understands the industry and the competition, creates and adjusts strategic plans. Holds a global perspective in the strategic thinking process used for the success of the school and the global education campus.

Professional Experience Requirements:

  • A minimum of 10+ years of experience in project management.
  • Senior organizational leadership with responsibility for different departments.
  • Experience in initiating strategic (e.g. long term academic and campus partnerships) and tactical (e.g. vendor relationships and contracts) negotiations.
  • Experience in initiating and implementing large-scale development and fundraising projects
  • Extensive development and fundraising network, including established contacts with local, national and international foundations as well as with high net-worth individuals.
  • Extensive connections within the Greek community, both nationally and internationally, preferred.

Qualification Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree required. A graduate or professional degree is preferred.
  • Ability to work in a diverse and fast-paced environment.
  • Experience in multi-cultural, diverse environments.
  • Ability to articulate and communicate mission and vision of school and campus to parents, donors and other stakeholders.
  • Proficiency of the Greek language strongly preferred, especially for communication with Greek contacts (i.e., Greek Ministry) and partners (i.e., Greek universities), if needed or requested.
  • Meets all legal employment requirements.
  • Meets most if not all core competencies for the position.


To Apply: Please email resume to Sandra.Larson@Odyssey.K12.DE.US

Odyssey Charter School is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer, M/F/D/V.


Contact: Human Resouces Sandra Larson

Phone: 302-516-8000


Mailing Address: 4319 Lancaster Pike Building 20, Wilmington DE 19707

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