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Family Literacy Administrative/Outreach Coordinator, Philly Families Read Together GrandFamily Resource Center at SOWN

Philadelphia 19127, Pennsylvania

JoB Description

SOWN seeks an Administrative/Outreach Coordinator to provide services for Philly Families Read Together, a family engagement program for grandparents and the grandchildren aged 3-8 that they are raising. Program seeks to enable grandparents to develop or enhance capacity to engage their grandchildren in development of early literacy skills that lead to school success. The Coordinator will participate in community outreach and recruitment and serve as a point of contact to connect grandparents with other programs in SOWN’s GrandFamily Resource Center.

The Family Literacy Administrative/Outreach Coordinator will have demonstrated experience working with parenting adults and/or older adults in an urban setting using a trauma-informed, culturally and linguistically sensitive approach. S/he will hold at minimum a bachelor’s degree, preferably in social work, community relations or related field and have a minimum of two years’ experience in social services, community outreach, or family engagement.


The Coordinator will:

  • Develop and maintain relationships within targeted Philadelphia neighborhoods to build interest about SOWN’s Philly Families Read Together
  • Engage in outreach to community organizations, schools, aging service programs and other educational/human service programs to enroll families in program
  • Provide grandfamilies with information and referral for additional services that support family literacy success
  • Communicate with children’s teachers/learning specialists, host organizations, and consultants to meet program requirements and troubleshoot as needed
  • Collaborate with Literacy Educator to:
    •  Implement community-based workshop sessions, as needed, that help grandparents build literacy and language skills of their grandchildren
    • Track changes in children’s literacy skills and in adult behaviors and regularly update database
    • Develop, coordinate, facilitate interactive special family events that strengthen children’s literacy development and growth
    • Recruit volunteers to coach grandparents in the program’s digital literacy skills workshops
  • Work as a member of a team to ensure high quality program implementation and coordination of services
  • Participate in program reviews, meetings and development of reports
  • Other responsibilities as needed



  • Excellent interpersonal skills to build trusting and effective partnership
  • Effective planning and organizing
  • Collaboration and problem-solving
  • Experience recruiting community members to participate
  • Passion for helping others
  • Ability to build rapport with program participants and in the community
  • Confidence in speaking with groups
  • Excellent trauma-informed, culturally sensitive communication skills
  • Able to work interdependently, demonstrating good judgment and ability to prioritize
  • Responsive communication, both written and oral- Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook and Access or other database system)
  • Car required


Hours:  Monday through Friday part time, daytime  


Accountability:  Reports to Director of Programs



To Apply:  Resumes and letters of inquiry accepted until December 2, 2019.   Please email Marypat Tracy at mptracy@sown.org.


Contact: Ms. Marypat Tracy

E-Mail: mptracy@sown.org

Website: http://sown.org/grandfamilyopportunity.html

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